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Canada Update: A unknown flying object was shot down heading into Canadian Airspace

National rumor is that an Unknown object was shot down near Alaska was heading into Canadian airspace hours ago. For more details search Canada News.

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Canada Listing Updated News in Territory Provinces

Learn the best of today in Canada News listings with great team analyst in CA happenings, events, sports. talk, fun and much more. Search your community news in Canada territories home page.

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See What To Know About Canada Amazing 6 Facts

Here are Six Amazing Facts About Canada:

  1. Did you know Canada has the longest coastline in the world
  2. There are millions of lakes in Canada
  3. The world’s oldest known rocks can be found in Canada
  4. Canada has a version of the Dead Sea
  5. Canada is one of the best tourist attraction destination
  6. There are six Canadian cities that have more than 1 million residents

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