On brink of elimination, Habs focused on 1st step of daunting Stanley Cup climb

The Montreal Canadiens have overcome wave after wave of adversity in 2021. From losing streaks to a COVID-19 shutdown to injuries and long odds throughout an improbable playoff run, these underdogs mustered a response each and every time their backs were pressed firmly against the wall.

Sask. Catholic bishops resurrect fundraising campaign for residential school survivors

Catholic bishops in Saskatchewan are restarting fundraising efforts for residential school survivors and their families. The announcement follows calls for a church boycott until the $25 million fundraising goal made by church bodies in the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement is achieved.

Tiny margin between Olympics and heartbreak exposed again for Canadian men’s basketball

It was all lined up for the Canadian men’s basketball team to reach its first Olympics since 2000. Instead, it’s disappointment once again after being knocked out with a 103-101 overtime loss in the semifinals against the Czech Republic.

Which bottle of wine at a restaurant has the biggest markup? The answer may surprise you

As millions of diners get set to return to restaurants after the pandemic, a new study from British researchers attempts to answer the age-old question of which bottle of wine is the best value on the menu — and the answer may not be the one you think.

N.W.T. community built memorial to name its residential school victims. It was just a start

In the early 1990s, Albert Lafferty led a push to ensure the old burial ground near the former residential school in Fort Providence, N.W.T., would never be developed. For some, the work done to find out who was buried there brings a degree of closure.

Cuba, Florida cast wary eye on tropical storm Elsa

Cuba prepared to evacuate people from the island’s southern region on Sunday amid fears that tropical storm Elsa could unleash heavy flooding after battering several Caribbean islands, killing at least three people. Meanwhile, Florida declared a state of emergency in 15 counties.