Winnipeg doctor pleads for care for vulnerable people like her late sister in life, as well as death

The widely shared obituary for Karen Sydow, a woman who lived with cerebral palsy, resonated with Dr. Jillian Horton. “I had a sister like Karen,” she says. “My years of being her sibling taught me a painful truth: the world is better at caring about people like Karen in death than in life.”

Two new solitudes — rural and urban — now define the Canadian political landscape

According to Elections Canada, the metropolitan areas of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver — the country’s three biggest cities — account for 116 of Canada’s 338 ridings. And the results in those ridings help to tell the story of both the Liberal victory and a fundamental split in federal politics.

France’s Catholic Church had an estimated 3,000 sexual abusers since 1950s, investigator says

France’s Catholic Church has had an estimated 3,000 sexual abusers of children in its ranks over the past 70 years, the head of an independent commission investigating the sex abuse scandal said in an interview published on Sunday.

‘Read that report’: How to keep being an ally from the perspective of 2 Indigenous N.W.T.’ers

Lawrence Norbert, an outspoken residential school survivor, says non-Indigenous people can be allies by researching and understanding the impact of residential schools. ‘If people want to be our allies, please, get informed, be aware.’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says unvaccinated NBA players shouldn’t be allowed to play

As the NBA prepares for its third straight pandemic-affected season, player vaccinations have quickly turned into a hot-button issue. The conversation prompted basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to go public with his stance that every NBA player should be vaccinated.