Water purification unit and military personnel arrive in Iqaluit amid contamination crisis

The Canadian Armed Forces said one reverse osmosis water purification unit landed in Iqaluit on Saturday, and another is expected to arrive on Sunday, as it responds to a request from the government of Nunavut to help provide residents with clean water.

Rust film crew voiced safety complaints before fatal shooting of cinematographer

The gun used in a fatal shooting on a movie set in New Mexico earlier this week had been declared safe to use by a crew member just before it was discharged, court records show. The shooting happened hours after some workers walked off the job to protest safety conditions on set.

Turkey takes issue with Canadian ambassador, 9 others after calls to release jailed philanthropist

An order to declare 10 foreign ambassadors persona non grata Saturday was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s response to last week’s diplomatic call for the release of philanthropist and businessman Osman Kavala, jailed since 2017 without having been convicted of a crime.

Toronto man celebrates 100th birthday by doing what he says keeps him young: dancing

If you’ve ever wondered the secret to staying young, Harry Mitchell may be onto something. He’s celebrating his 100th birthday today. He’s survived cancer, a terrible accident, and COVID-19. He says his love for dancing has put him back on his feet through the tough times.

Murder trial hears secret audio of 2-day bush search for body of Sheree Fertuck

Accused killer Greg Fertuck insisted to undercover police in 2019 that he dumped his dead wife’s body in a stand of poplars north of a gravel pit, even though he spent two days leading them on a fruitless search for her remains through rain, mud and thick bush.

The House of Commons vaccine rule puts O’Toole in an awkward spot

The House of Commons is a workplace unlike any other. But the sandstone walls of Parliament are not immune to the reality of a global pandemic. So sooner or later, the House was going to face the same issue now confronting every other institution and establishment in the country: whether to require that its occupants be vaccinated and… Continue reading The House of Commons vaccine rule puts O’Toole in an awkward spot

Taliban vowed to respect rights of girls and women, but many can no longer attend school

It’s been more than a month since the Taliban forbid Afghan girls in grades higher than six from going to school. The Taliban called it a temporary measure, but fears among Afghan women are growing that the harsh rule of the 1990s is again taking hold.

Canadian held in ‘horrific’ Cuban prison being denied consular visits

Michael Carey Abadin, 19, who holds Canadian citizenship, is in a Cuban jail accused of throwing a rock through the window of a police car during pro-democracy protests. His mother says he has contracted COVID, hepatitis and herpes and appears to be in poor shape. Cuba has denied Canada consular visits.