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Latest Update and Recent Canada News

Here’s a roundup of some recent Canada news stories:

  • Heatwave: Scorching temperatures are gripping parts of Canada, with Environment Canada issuing heat warnings CTV News.
  • Wildfires: Wildfire concerns are spiking in the Northwest Territories due to historically low lake and river levels Global News. There’s also a wildfire evacuation alert in Alberta due to the hot weather CTV News.
  • LCBO strike: The liquor stores in Ontario, run by the LCBO, are on strike. Here’s a breakdown of how it might affect you National Post.
  • Saskatchewan carbon tax: Saskatchewan won an injunction to block the federal government from collecting the carbon tax in the province Global News.
  • Other:
    • The bodies of three missing mountaineers were recovered near Squamish, B.C. CTV News.
    • An “otherworldly” Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish is becoming more common in Nova Scotia Search Canada News.

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